BAŞKENT, having globally established an exemplary ‘integrated health systems model’ ranging from its  10 university hospitals to 14 healthcare centers and from its’ university to mobile health services, carries BAŞKENT’s understanding of quality to international patients. BAŞKENT; the capital of healthcare, serving patients from all over Turkey and many other countries with dependable health services 7/24.

BAŞKENT stands for high-quality medical care, using both the most up-to-date and the least intrusive methods. Our mission is to provide the finest medical treatment using both state-of-the-art procedures and technology. Also, a strong network of hospitals leads to an exchange of expertise that improves the medical outcome of all hospitals in BAŞKENT. The inter-disciplinary approach of our highly skilled and experienced medical/nursing teams guarantees the best possible care for you.

Furthermore, BAŞKENT hospitals are distributed all over Turkey near top tourism places. The allocation of our hospitals is help on your pleasure aspects; while you are undergoing treatment in BAŞKENT, you may enjoy our country as well.