To best possibly serve our patients, BAŞKENT have established a network offering services beyond hospitals and outpatient clinics: Vakur Ltd.Şti. provides installation, training and tecnical services of medical devices. Oditaş A.Ş. distributes several lines of histocompatibility (HLA) typing tests utilizing both serological and molecular technologies, also a comprehensive line of antibody detection products, laboratory instrumentation, biomarker detection products and computer software that are used to simplify and automate testing procedures and final test evaluations. Vaksan A.Ş. distributes several lines of hemodialysis machines, dialyzers, hemofiltration systems , hemodialysis instrumentation and powder dialysate for hemodialysis treatment. PAG Ltd.Şti. distributes several lines of medical devices and systems used in cardiac surgery, cardiopulmonary products, which include oxygenators, heart-lung tubing packs, autotransfusion systems, and heart-lung machines, also disposable infusion set and syringe to dialysis system and cardiovascular system products, and emergency burn care products. Anıt Ltd.Şti. distributes several lines of medical devices that offer solutions for immobilizing or mobilizing patients: thermoplastic splinting materials for Physical Rehabilitation, and also  a wide range of hospital-grade furniture.  

Patalya Hotels hosts numerous opportunity to the name of wellness with its "Modern Traditions" concept,which is serving in the perfect harmony of technology from the west, and philosophy from the far east. Finally, BAŞKENT University is dedicated to carry the Group’s expertise to the training and education of future generations of health care professionals, through its medical faculty and nursing, technology and administrative institutes.